Defense Arrangement in The first half of 2018

Master Degree Thesis Arrangement of International Students (Grade 2016)

College of Business


According to the teaching plan, international students should begin their thesis writing by the second academic year of the master degree program. For students of grade 2016, the schedule of thesis proposal, pre-defense and final defense is listed as follows.


1.      Thesis Proposal

(1)   Finish the proposal and have it confirmed and signed by your supervisor before Sep. 20th.

(2)   Hand in the thesis proposal to your supervisor before Sep. 30th. The proposal template can be downloaded from

(3)   The oral defense of the proposal will be held in late October. (The exact date will be noticed later.)

(4)   If you pass the oral defense, the dean will sign on your proposal. Hand in the signed proposal to the monitor before Nov. 30th. All the proposals collected by the monitor should be handed over to Room 205, SIBA Building before Nov. 30th.


2.      Writing standards

For detailed thesis writing standards please refer to Graduate School Website: attachment)


3.      Pre-defense

(1)   Everyone is going to participate in the pre-defense, please hand in the cover (see attachment) and three copies of your paper to Room 205, COB Building during Mar. 12th to Mar. 16th, 2018.

(2)   The pre-defense will be held in late March of 2018. (March 27th afternoon for Trade students and March 30th afternoon for Marketing students. The precise details will be noticed On the COB website.Trade Marketing ) Three professors of your major (not including your supervisor) will attend the pre-defense as the reviewers. Please prepare the slides for a maximum 10-mintue presentation.

(3)   Students should revise their thesis on the basis of the pre-defense feedback, and at the same time meet the requirement of their supervisors.


4.      Anti-plagiarism

(1)   Email a digital version of your final thesis, confirmed by your supervisor, to before Apr. 8th, 2018. Only PDF version is acceptable, others are prohibited. It is for the anti-plagiarism test.

(2)   The title of the thesis should follow the “registration number + name + major + name of supervisor” format. So does the subject of the email.

Please strictly follow the “Anti-Plagiarism Policy of SUFE“file:///C:/Users/jk/Downloads/download%20(8).pdf

Thesis with repetitive rate above 30% will be reviewed by the Degree Committee of SIBA. If identified as plagiarism, students will be punished by “Academic Integrity Policies of SUFE”.file:///C:/Users/jk/Downloads/download%20(9).pdf


5.      Anonymous Evaluation

(1)   Students who have passed the anti-plagiarism test must participate in the anonymous evaluation requested by Shanghai Degree Office.

(2)   Log in to participate before April 13th, 2018. (Each person randomly assigns a code).

(3)   Papers are randomly selected by the system. An anonymous copy of the thesis and a printed “Check Form” (downloaded from the above website) should be handed over to Room 101 the Graduate School Degree Office (Tel: 021-65903589)before April 18th, 2018,if selected.

(4)   Thesis with a positive feedback from the “Anonymous Evaluation” office can be presented in the final defense


6.      Thesis submission for final defense (May. 4th – May. 10th, 2018)

(1)   Log in the “Teaching Management Information System” and apply for the final defense and the degree.

      i.   Find “Thesis” on the left column, click "2 Thesis defense"→click "enter application "→submit relevant information and upload papers;

      ii.  Find “Graduation and Degree” on the left column, click “apply for degree”→click “submit application”/

(2)   Submit printed version of the thesis

      Hand over three copies of anonymous defense thesis (without personal and tutor information) to Room 205, COB Building.

      Requirement: Paper Size - A4,double-sided printing, bound with the official cover.

      Printing Place:Printing Factory (No. 777, Guoding Road, behind the Red-tile building and beside the garage, Tel: 65904527)

(3)   Log in the “Teaching Management Information System”, find “Thesis defense” tag, and download the following forms. You have to fill them out on the computer and print on A4 paper, single-sided.

     i. S2. Master degree thesis review form (see attachment, 2 copies)

       Note:The self-assessment part must be filled in.

     ii. S3. Degree application and audit form (see attachment, 2 copies)

       Note:Affix your photo on the form. The supervisor should fill the comments section. Both the student and the supervisor should sign on the form.

     iii. S4.Voting criteria and evaluation criteria for S4. Master's Thesis Defense Committee (see attachment, 3 copies)

       Note:The title and the name should be filled in.

     iv. S5. Conference record of Defense (see attachment, single-sided, 1 copies each)

       Resolution (Note: student must sign in the defendant’s column)

     v.  S6. 1 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics master degree information form

       Note:Complete the basic information and affix the photo.


7.      Important information of the final defense

(1)   Final defense date: Mid to late May (specific schedule will be noticed later)

(2)   The revised final thesis signed by both the student and the supervisor must be handed over to Room 205, COB Building within 10 days after the final defense.

(3)   All students must login into the ‘Teaching Management Information System” for the application of degree, click “submit” and submit the final version of your thesis.

Important notes: If student fails the first defense, the re-defense should be postponed for at least three months. Please treat the thesis writing earnestly. Student should bear all the consequences if fail to obtain a diploma and a degree certificate.


The above matters are explained by the dean's office of College of Business.