College of Business has forged a platinum-level strategic partnership with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, hereafter referred to as "SUFE COB," and the Institute of Management Accountants, now called "IMA,". They have formalized a memorandum of platinum-level corporate partnership. This memorandum aims to establish multifaceted and in-depth collaboration across various domains to advance the cultivation of management accounting talents. The signing ceremony took place at SUFE College of Business. The attendees were Mr. Mike DePrisco, President and Chief Executive Officer of IMA; Mr. Li Gang, Vice President and Chief Representative for China; Ms. Zhang Lin, Director of Cooperation and Development for the East China region, and Ms. Zhu Xuehong, Manager of Cooperation and Development for the East China region. They visited SUFE College of Business and joined the ceremony along with Professor Sun Qi, Head of the Department of Marketing, Professor Xu Songwei, Executive Director of SUFE College of Business's MBA Center, Vice Director Wang Weifeng, and Mr. Wang Qingsong, Director of MBA Training Office.


Professor Sun Qi of SUFE College of Business warmly welcomed the IMA delegation and provided a comprehensive overview of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics' and SUFE College of Business's academic history, discipline development, and talent cultivation. Simultaneously, he expressed profound admiration and support for IMA's numerous initiatives to bolster the advancement of management accounting among higher education institutions. Professor Sun Qi posited in the evolution of business education, technology has offered a multitude of new prospects for the future of business schools. It has also catalyzed progress in various aspects, such as nurturing business talents and empowering business practices, by introducing novel means and methodologies. Professor Sun Qi held the IMA collaboration in high regard and looked forward to mutual trust and deepened cooperation between the two entities.

Mr. Mike DePrisco, President and Chief Executive Officer of IMA, expressed gratitude for the recognition and support extended to IMA by SUFE College of Business. In addition, he provided an introduction to IMA's century-long history and current status while underscoring IMA's dedicated efforts over the past decade in advancing the development of management accounting in China. These efforts disseminated management accounting concepts on campuses and the establishment of a management accounting talent reservoir. Mr. DePrisco emphasized that IMA has steadfastly committed itself to promoting the growth of the management accounting industry, and the institution is committed to delivering prestigious professional qualifications and high-quality services to accounting professionals. This, in turn, enhances the professional capabilities of management accountants.

Based on the signing of this agreement, both parties anticipate engaging in more profound and diversified collaboration in talent development. In addition, they can collaborate on case competitions, scholarship programs, research initiatives, and the sharing of academic expertise. In the future, SUFE College of Business will persist in delving deeper alongside its partners, striving to nurture outstanding minds, visionary practitioners, and business leaders with a global perspective. They aim to shoulder greater responsibilities and foster economic prosperity and development within the broader community in conjunction with various sectors of society.