Good news! Wei Hang, Council Chair of COB SUFE, has been honored with "2023 Outstanding Dean Award" by the Chinese Association of Business Schools

"2023 China Business School Development Forum and Education Ceremony," jointly organized by MBAChina and Manager Magazine, was successfully held in Beijing. The event encompassed thematic discussions, forum dialogues, and award ceremonies. Over two hundred attendees, including educational leaders, experts, representatives from business schools, alumni, industry leaders, professional research institutions, and prominent education media, gathered from across the country. The event provided a platform for sharing insights, discussing the future development of business education in China, and contributing wisdom and strength to the progress of business education. The presence of a hundred on-site guests and tens of thousands of online viewers collectively witnessed the highlights of the year.


As the leader steering the School of Business towards high-quality development, the responsibility of a dean lies in leveraging their outstanding academic background, managerial skills, leadership qualities, and social influence to propel the efficient advancement of the institution amidst the ever-changing dynamics of the times. In recognition of leaders who have made outstanding contributions in the field of business education, the ceremony awarded the "2023 Outstanding Dean Award for Chinese Business Schools." Wei Hang, Chair of COB Council, was honored with the "2023 Outstanding Dean Award for Chinese Business Schools."