Network in International Centers for Education in China (NICE) College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

"The promotion plan of Network in International Centers for Education in China (NICE)" is an educational reform plan jointly launched by the State Administration of Foreign Experts and the Ministry of Education. Guided by the spirit of the 18th National Congress of CPC and the goal of building a world-class university, the plan will invite foreign experts, establish an international education experimental area, and adopt international advanced teaching and management expertise in the experimental area for demonstration to promote the comprehensive reform of China's higher education, the connotative development of China's higher education, and cultivate innovative talents.


In 2014, the first group of four NICE schools were approved, School of Pharmacy of Tianjin University, School of Sustainable Development of Xi'an Jiaotong University Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, School of Mathematics of Shanghai Jiaotong University and School of Engineering Science of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. On June 9, 2015, the State Administration of Foreign Experts and the Ministry of Education jointly issued a notice announcing that SUFE was successfully selected into the second group of NICE schools, together with School of Technology of Peking University, School of Electrical Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University, School of Chinese and French Engineers of Beijing Aerospace University, COB (former School of International Business Administration) of SUFE, School of Design and Creativity of Tongji University, School of Modern Engineering and Applied Sciences of Nanjing University, School of Materials of Wuhan University of Technology, School of Materials of South China University of Technology and School of Geography of Sun Yat-sen University. So far, totally 13 universities national wide have been approved for the NICE program. SUFE is the only university of humanities and social sciences and the only university of finance and economics to obtain the program.

The approval of the program of NICE by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Affairs is not only the affirmation of the internationalization of SUFE, our management system, teaching staff, talent cultivation, scientific research and management service, but also an opportunity for the COB of SUFE to improve the reform achievements made so far and further enhance the level of internationalization to build itself into a research center of economic and management education with substantial and far-reaching impact in China and the world, to build the unique international demonstration school of humanities and social sciences with distinctive characteristics of finance and economics in China.