Case Center Brief

Case Center of College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics was established in 2011. Relying on the excellent academic resources of the school, the case center aims at "improving the level of business education through case research and development, constructing business case base with financial characteristics as the development goal, and transforming intellectual achievements, with collaborative innovation and serving society" as the development direction.


Based on the perspective of finance and economics to analyze business practice, the aim is to create financial characteristics of the case exchange platform, forging financial thinking to promote business talent training, business academic research, and business social development.


In the process of case study and academic accumulation, the vision has gradually developed into a global influential financial field professional case base and financial think tank exchange platform.


The case center adheres to the motto and the business education mission of College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics relying on the resource endowment of university and college, taking case as the foundation. R & D marks the starting point and innovation is the driving force, which provides a lot of cases support and academic support for the development of business education and business practice.

The main functions of the case centre are as follows:

1. Provide rich case materials and sources for the promotion of case teaching, and enhance the core competitiveness of business schools by improving the ability and level of case teaching.

2. Encourage our teachers to develop high-quality business cases, provide the necessary financial support for their case development, and provide a way to display and disseminate their case results.

3. Show the success or failure of classical enterprise business practice, provide experience for other enterprises management, and promote the effective improvement of domestic enterprise management practice level.

4. Strengthen the joint development of business research with outside organizations, assist business practice with theoretical research, renew theoretical research through business practice, and realize the mutual development of business theory and business practice.