COB Introduction

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has a long history of business education, dating back to 1917.


The College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is divided into several branches. Now it has developed into a leading domestic business school covering three first-level disciplines of "business administration,” “applied economics," and "theoretical economics.” It has passed AMBA international certification, China high-quality MBA education certification (CAMEA), and AACSB international certification.


Adhering to the concept of "based on China, facing the world, leading high-end, international competition," the college actively introduces academic leaders and an academic backbone with international academic influence, and systematically introduces outstanding young teachers with international vision and vision and potential for development. It maintains sufficient faculty and outstanding scientific research ability. A team of professors composed of more than 80 outstanding scholars has been built. They have learned from good education, integrated the most advanced management ideas in the world with Chinese management practice, and continuously contributed to Chinese wisdom.


The college has a strong alumni network, a total of more than 31,000 alumni at home and abroad, distributed in various industries. They are not only an important force to promote the sustainable development of China and the world’s economy, but also an active advocate of business civilization and social responsibility in the new era.


Relying on the strong discipline strength of the school's century-old development, the development of various undertakings in the college has achieved remarkable results. At the Ministry of Education's fourth round of academic evaluation, Business Administration, Applied Economics as A, ranked 2-5 percent of the country; in the US News list of the world's best universities (2020), economics and business entered sixth place in the country and 145th place in the world; UTD (2016-2020 year) in the global business school rankings, College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics ranked 120 in the world (mainland 3), ranked No .2 in the country in the Global Economics Research Institute (2015-2019) of the University of Tilburg, Global No .36; In Bloomberg Business Weekly 2019-2020 Asia Pacific best business school ranking ranked fifth; Shanghai University of Finance and Economics MBA ranked 64th in the world on the Financial Times MBA list for 2021, Mainland China No .4.