Alumni Overview

Founded on December 8, 2018, the Alumni Association of College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is a non-profit social organization organized spontaneously by alumni who have studied or worked in the former College of Business, the MBA college and the International School of Business Administration, the School of Business Administration, the Department of Industrial Economics, the Department of Trade Economics, the Department of International Trade, etc.
The purpose of the Alumni Association is to strengthen the ties and exchanges between College of Business alumni and alma mater, to serve the vast number of College of Business alumni, and to carry forward the fine tradition of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Contribution to the sustainable development of alma mater and college is intended.

Scope of work of the Alumni Association:
1. Promote and strengthen contacts and exchanges among alumni, and between alumni and colleges.
2. Organize work exchanges and thematic activities on a regular basis to enhance the feelings of alumni and promote cooperation and exchange between the college and alumni in education, economy, social culture, and other aspects.
3. Strengthen information communication, collect alumni and suggestions from all walks of life for the reform and development of colleges and even schools, and promote alumni to contribute to the construction of the country and the development of their alma mater.
4. Organization of student aid, donations, and other public welfare activities.
5. Organize other activities in accordance with the purposes of the Association.
Alumni Association working principles: inclusive diversity, integration and innovation, orderly compliance, and back-feeding students.
Alumni Association mission: to build alumni college symbiotic development.