Experiment Center

    Finance Lab, School of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

    Address: 3rd Floor, Library, No.369, North First Zhongshan Road, Shangha

    Capacity: 80 people

    Function description:

    in-li_05.png  Real-time data analysis of global financial markets (WRDS\WIND\FactSet\Csmar\Tianxiang)

    in-li_05.png China stock market, futures market simulation trading (independent development and design

    in-li_05.png UFIDA electronic financial sand table (simulating company financial operations)

    in-li_05.png Simcon simulation business operation teaching system (provided by Webster)

    in-li_05.png Courses are automatically recorded and broadcast in HD, and courses are broadcast live and on-demand

    in-li_05.png Global remote video conference and remote teaching

    International Business Laboratory/China Enterprise Development Research Institute Laboratory/Business Analysis Laboratory

    Address: Scientific Research and Experimental Building, No. 100, Wudong Road

    Capacity: 60 people

    Business Analysis Laboratory—Introduction

    The business analysis experiment is a practical operation technology and knowledge system of business prediction, business data analysis, data mining, data visualization, and database management. The laboratory has a total area of 130 square meters. It was built in 2012 and expanded in April 2019 and moved into the school's scientific research building. It is equipped with two IBM X3850 servers (high-performance servers required by CPlex) and windows server 2008 R2 enterprise 64bit servers connected to the experiment centre's cloud server. The open experimental site has a wired network interface and IP for 72 laptops, an electronic teaching display and video recorder, and six electronic display screens. It has the mathematical planning software, IBM ILOG Cplex and 15 sets of simulation Flexsim and other business analysis software. It can conduct experimental teaching activities of 18 courses related to business analysis.

    Function description:

    in-li_05.png Wind Financial Informatio

    in-li_05.png Hang Seng Juyuan Finance

    in-li_05.png Flush iFind Finance

    in-li_05.png Cvsource (Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital Research Database)

    in-li_05.png Thomson Reuters SDC Platinum (Global Strategic Investment Research Database)

    in-li_05.png Sky Eye Check Database

    in-li_05.png Behaviour Observation Video Syste

    in-li_05.png Salary management teaching software

    in-li_05.png Performance management teaching software, talent assessment teaching software

    in-li_05.png International Trade Training Software

    in-li_05.png Qualtrics software

    in-li_05.png Business Management Simulation Software-BS20

    in-li_05.png “Global Challenge” experimental software-GC4

    in-li_05.png “MakSimos” experimental software

    in-li_05.png "Marketing Engineering For Excel" marketing engineering simulation software

    in-li_05.png Business negotiation training software

    in-li_05.png Exam management online test system software

    in-li_05.png Mathematical planning software IBM ILOG CPlex

    in-li_05.png Simulation Flexsim software

    in-li_05.png Jiyu Electronic Classroom System

    Multifunctional behaviour observation laboratory

    Address: Scientific Research and Experimental Building, No. 100, Wudong Roa

    Capacity: 10 people

    Multifunctional Behavior Observation Laboratory—IntroductioBehaviour observation is an indispensable technology for team organization, leadership, interpersonal relations, psychology research, and teaching practice. It was built in July 2012 and moved into the school’s scientific research laboratory building in 2019. The laboratory has a total area of 80 square meters. It is divided into a behaviour observation laboratory and a behaviour observation room by a one-way observation window. Students can learn and practice leadership, group interactive communication, various consultation and interview skills without disturbance. Researchers can also observe and study students' behaviours in a completely natural environment. During the experiment, four rotatable cameras will record real-time and comprehensive video and audio recordings of subjects' practical activities, and conduct behaviour analysis and data processing through professional behaviour observation and recording systems and behaviour research analysis systems.

    Function description:

    in-li_05.png Talent assessment teaching softwar

    in-li_05.png Behaviour live broadcast software