The seventh segment of the lecture series on the Industrial Economics of Big Data

In recent days, a series of lectures on the Industrial Economics of Big Data was co-organized by the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Data Science and Decision Making, the Department of Industrial Economics at the School of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The Research Team unfolded Theoretical, Methodological, and Applied Aspects of Data Economics, at the School of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. In this discourse, Professor Huanxing Yang from Ohio State University was graciously welcomed to share his scholarly work entitled "Can Exclusion Be Free? An Experimental Study of Sequential Contracting in Naked Exclusion."


Professor Yang commenced the lecture by expounding the connotation of exclusive contracts, and citing the instance of Meituan's 2021 antitrust penalty due to this clause. Thereby he illustrated the extensive prevalence of such agreements in the current world. Simultaneously, Professor Yang astutely indicated that under current regulatory policies, exclusive clauses do not inherently constitute a violation (per se rule) necessitating case-wise analysis.

Subsequently, Professor Yang introduced pertinent literature within the exclusive contract’s realm, along with the economic principles underlying them. This scholarly manuscript ascertains the feasibility of achieving these theoretically, derived equilibrium outcomes in practice through experimental methodology, with great intricacy, Professor Yang elucidated the conceptual framework underpinning the entire experimental design, alongside the outcomes yielded by the empirical study. Professor Yang elaborated extensively upon the experimental framework conception and expounded upon the outcomes gleaned from the empirical exploration.