COB upholds its strong performance in the 2023-2024 Bloomberg Businessweek Asia-Pacific Best Business Schools Rankings

Recently, Bloomberg Businessweek unveiled its latest rankings for the 2023-2024 Best Business Schools. College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has achieved excellence again by securing a place in the top three.


Consistent with previous years, this year's overall rankings were based on surveys of full-time MBA students, alumni, and employers. The rankings were determined by synthesizing their questionnaire responses and considering data on post-graduation salaries and employment outcomes for each institution. The rankings primarily focused on four critical criteria: remuneration, academic rigor, alumni networks, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bloomberg Businessweek stands as a renowned global business magazine. It is among the world's most widely circulated business publications. Since 1988, Bloomberg Businessweek has been ranking international business schools, and its rankings hold significant importance for prospective business and MBA students when selecting their educational institutions. These rankings are considered the three major international benchmarks in the field.

Active participation in various international rankings is a pivotal strategy for enhancing the global reputation and internationalization of the institution. It is also a crucial approach to urge the institution to improve its educational quality and promote high-quality intrinsic development.

In recent years, the College of Business of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has made continuous strides in discipline development, program specialization, talent cultivation, faculty development, scientific research, and corporate collaborations. This progress has resulted in commendable achievements in numerous domestic and international rankings related to disciplines, research, and MBA programs.