A delegation from the School of Business at Hohai University is paying a visit to SUFE COB for academic exchange and collaboration

On the 31st of October, Associate Professors Ding Yuan and Xu Jia, along with Professors Zhao Xiaoyang and Zhong Shuxin, from the School of Management and Human Resources at Hohai University, paid a visit to SUFE COB. The purpose of their visit was to engage in discussions pertaining to the development of the "Strategic Management" curriculum. They were received by Professor Dong Jing, Professor He Xiaogang, Associate Professor Zhou Zhao, and Associate Professor Li Chuanjia from the Department of Strategic Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at our institution.

Professor Dong Jing, representing the "Strategic Management" curriculum team, shared insights and experiences regarding various aspects of curriculum development, including its historical evolution, the composition of the teaching staff, online education, case-based instruction, flipped classroom methodologies, and the integration of ideological and political education within the curriculum.

Subsequently, both parties engaged in discussions and exchanged ideas on topics such as practical teaching methods, simulation-based pedagogy, research in education, ideological and political education within the curriculum, faculty team development, curriculum cluster development, textbook system enhancement, and the establishment of an ecosystem for the curriculum framework.


Both parties expressed their commitment to strengthen further exchanges, mutual learning, and to elevate educational and teaching efforts to new heights. This shared endeavor aims to enhance the quality of business education in the new era and elevate the caliber of business professionals being cultivated.